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Your Appointment

Mostly Telehealth

Please assume your appointment is online or via telephone unless we have arranged for an in person appointment in advance. In person availability is dependent on the weather in the winter months. I am only seeing new patients on a very limited basis (see below).

At the time of your appointment, please click on the hyperlink listed below and enter your name to sign in to the virtual waiting room. Remember the "location" of the appointment is where you are located, so you must be within the borders of Massachusetts to have a telehealth appointment to meet state licensing requirements for telehealth care.

Technology required: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop equipped with a microphone and a camera. If you do not have this technology, a regular phone call can be substituted. If you would prefer a phone call, please let us know.

Please be in a safe and private location for your appointment. Do not call while driving, though sometimes the car while parked is a good private place to have an appointment if your home or office won't work.

The audio/visual appointment link is

If you prefer a phone call, I will call you at the pre-arranged time of our appointment. You can pay while we have our appointment at, I can provide you with a mailing address or a venmo name, or go to my online payment page here. We can discuss other methods of payment at our appointment.

We do not accept any insurance or Medicare, appointments are private pay only. Since I have opted out of Medicare, you must agree to not try to bill Medicare for your appointment. If you have private insurance you can use a health savings account (an FSA or HSA) and I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for out of network coverage.

As the telehealth exception for seeing new patients and prescribing medication will expire on May 11, 2023, I will see all new patients I have never seen in person in my new home office before we need to prescribe new controlled medication. For everyone else, if asked please let the pharmacy know I have seen you in person many times.

Rates (No Surprises Act disclosure):

No show fee: $150. Please give me 24 hours notice in advance of canceling appointments. The no show will be forgiven in cases of emergency. Repeated no shows will result in termination from the clinic.

Bounced check: You are encouraged to pay by credit card via my page (will discuss at next appointment) or by cash via venmo (my venmo name is available on request). If you do pay by check I reserve the right to charge a $50 bounced check fee which merely covers my bank's charge for a bounced check. Thank you for your understanding. 

Level 99214: $150

Existing patient, stable, 15-20 min appointment appropriate for check-in every 1-3 months. Includes maintenance refills, medication changes, laboratory management, brief supportive psychotherapy.

Level 99215: $300

40 minutes, existing patient requiring a bit more time for clinical care, ongoing psychodynamic psychotherapy, or in order to fill out any complex paperwork such as disability or FMLA forms. Typically in lieu of a 99214 visit for a more difficult or complex situation.

Level 99214+90836: $450

60 minutes, existing patients, for combination medication management and psychodynamic psychotherapy. These appointments are usually at least once a month. 

New Patient Appointments: 60+ minutes, $600. I do not discount new patient appointments as they take a lot of time to do properly and to reach out to get other records, etc. I am currently accepting new patients on an extremely limited basis, by referral from people I know only. I usually get requests for new patient appointments daily and I can only accept perhaps 1-2 a month so I apologize if I don't have the space to see you. If you are asking for a new patient appointment and I don't call you back within a few days (unless my voicemail says I am on vacation) please continue to reach out to others. Psychology Today online has a good resource to find prescribers and therapists. 

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